Workplace Drug Testing

Trustworthy and Reliable Workplace Drug Testing Services

During the screening process of employees, there are several rounds of interviews that they are asked to pass. Workplace drug testing while mandatory in some workplaces, can easily be a part of the screening process. Yearly workplace drug testing services can bring a lot of change in the workplace. It promotes work safety for both your clients and employees. Employees can cause accidents or get injured under the influence.

A positive change that you will see with workplace drug testing services is that the productivity of the employees will increase and it will reduce turnover in your company. With the implementation of a drug testing program, you can easily see who might be having problems with drug addiction. Offering them help and providing rehiring support is a good way to help out your employees. The Drug Testing Services Of McDonough has been offering its services to keep employees of workplaces addiction-free for several years.

Types of Workplace Drug Tests

Urine Drug Testing Service

The presence of drugs in a person’s system can be detected in several ways. Urine drug testing service offers to find out if a person has taken drugs in the recent past. The body will metabolize this drug after consumption and excrete the drug itself and the metabolites. If the urine is lab tested, the drug can be easily detected. Urine tests can be of various forms from 5-22 panels. While the 5-panel urine test can detect the presence of street drugs, a 12-panel test can detect the presence of prescription drugs, ecstasy and more. It is up to you which urine test you would want for your employee’s drug testing service.

Hair Drug Testing Service

The drugs, after consumption enters the bloodstream of a person. The hair follicle is nourished by blood. With a hair test, the evidence of the drug can be found easily. With a hair test, prescription and illicit drugs both can be detected up to 90 days after consumption.

Blood Drug Testing Service

Blood drug testing service is quite straightforward where the presence of any type of drug can be easily detected. Once the drug is consumed, the metabolites and the drug itself get circulated throughout the blood. This makes it easy to test it out.

Drug Testing Procedures

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing services can be offered in many situations for an employee. A workplace might have a policy of getting tested before hiring someone. Pre-employment drug testing is a part of the screening process that allows the employer to check whether the person they are hiring has a problem with drug addiction or not.

Random Drug Testing

A yearly random drug test can be taken by the employer to make sure that all the employees are healthy and make the work environment safe. Several injuries and accidents that occur at the workplace can often cause due to a worker being under the influence. Random workplace drug testing can help prevent any accidents from happening due to drugs.

Post-Accident Drug Testing

If the company has no policy of workplace drug testing, we also offer post-accident workplace drug testing services too. It may happen an accident occurred in your workplace and during the investigation, you are unable to find out any obvious reason for the accident. Workplace drug tests after the accident can be a way to figure out the reason.

Return-To-Duty Drug Testing

If an employee has already failed the workplace drug test, help should always be provided to them. Once the employee reports back to duty, workplace drug testing should be taken to make sure that they have recovered properly and that it is safe for them to work again.

With workplace drug testing services, you can keep your workplace safe and healthy. You can order any one of our services from anywhere in the nation and we will provide the results on time. Contact us today for more information on drug testing services.