Breath Alcohol Testing

Quick, Easy & Affordable Breath Alcohol Testing Services

There are several ways to detect alcohol in a person’s system but the easiest and quickest way to do that is with breath alcohol testing services. Other ways of testing alcohol are Urine tests and blood tests which can be used for a long-term test. A breath alcohol test is used for immediate results.

What is Breath Alcohol Testing Service?

You must have seen police officers asking people to take a breath alcohol test on the road when they suspect someone of drinking and driving. This test is performed with a device known as a breathalyzer. Also known as EBT, Evidential Breath Testing Device helps in testing the alcohol content in someone’s body during the time of the test. It is different from other tests where you will get to know the amount of alcohol present currently. It won’t give you anything if you consumed alcohol the previous day.

These tests can be carried out in an alcohol and drug testing lab too. This test is normally used for employees who work in the transportation department, people on court-ordered probation or if they are in an abuse treatment program. In case the initial test comes positive, there will be another confirmation test after 15 minutes.

How Breath Alcohol Testing Services Work?

While police officers use this test to stop from people driving after drinking, our breath alcohol testing services work in detecting alcohol consumption within an hour after drinking. Alcohol is absorbed by the body from the time span of 20 minutes on an empty stomach to two hours on a full stomach. The most absorption done by the body is within an hour of alcohol consumption.

The initial absorption is not even and it becomes even only after the absorption of the alcohol is complete. This means while some parts of the body can show a high alcohol amount, other parts might not show the same. This is where the breath alcohol testing service comes in. It is obvious that arterial blood will have more alcohol content than venous blood.

Several situations can be considered positive for the breath alcohol test.

  1. When the test result shows 0.04 or more than that.
  2. If an individual refuses to breathe into the breathalyzer or provide enough breath.
  3. If someone doesn’t wish to cooperate and sign the breath alcohol testing service form.
  4. Refusing to cooperate with the test altogether can point to a positive result.

Why Is Breath Alcohol Test Service Necessary?

Whether on the road or in a corporate place, employees are required to take a breath alcohol test to make sure they are not reporting to the workplace after drinking. Places where employees work on shifts like in the night shift might need to take this test.

There are several disciplinary actions that can be taken by the employer if the test comes positive. According to the company policy, the employee can be terminated from the job. If the same employee has been caught before too, he could be referred to a substance abuse professional. If the policy does not state any termination, they could be removed from places of work where safety is of importance. For example, a driver should be immediately either terminated or removed from that work. In a non-safety job, the employee may not be terminated but should be kept under observation and evaluated for a while.

Why Choose Drug Testing Services Of McDonough?

If you are looking for a reputable breath alcohol testing service provider, the drug testing service of McDonough can be the right option for you. Our drug testing centres maintain their labs with utmost care to make sure there are no false positives in a test. We understand the responsibility taken when there is a test conducted for a workplace. We strive to make our working environment clean to make sure it doesn’t play any factor in the consequences of a positive result in breath alcohol testing service.

You can order any one of our services from anywhere in the nation and we will provide the results on time. Contact us today for more information on drug testing services.