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Scrap culverts are available to purchase at a discounted rate. Sizing and prices differ.

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Every application requires so much more than a few simple products to do a complete job and that is why we also offer rentals and sales of most commonly used products. Whether it as a bridge to get to location, or packers/plate tampers to install pipe and build road, campshacks to keep you there, light towers to light it up…we got you covered. We also offer sales of large dimensional lumber available in pressure treated, CCA or creosote coatings. All classes of aggregate available for all your applications. Call for a complete list and pricing.

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Products such as woven or non-woven geotextiles often referred to as filter cloth help in soil retention or separation. It assists in stabilization and reinforcement of banks often with the use of aggregates. It helps to eliminate the need for so much rip-rap and prevents erosion along with products such as coconut matting, wattles, silt-fence, geogrids and gabions.

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The Beavercone product bolts onto the end of your culvert, allowing your culverts to remain free flowing from debris formed by animals. The beavercone is heavy duty and powder coated with no stream bed destruction.

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